"the forbidden guide that introduces you to the greatest secrets of esotericism, and the key to unlock now, your inner potential ! "

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 The New Course Video 

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Get Immediate Access To your Video Lesson Where I Teach You:

  • What you need to do if you are serious about learning esotericism and holism in all its forms
  • How to choose and find texts that truly teach you valuable information
  • what are the indispensable information “to start” your journey.

You will also be added to the exclusive V.I.P. list
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to reprints of the best esoteric texts
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a Brief Taste of the contents you will discover !

a spiritual, esoteric, initiatory path needs to include a lot of technical and complex information, as well as an enormous amount of sacrifice, right?


you will discover how the concepts of “esotericism”, “holism”, “wellness”, try to solve many problems with a single solution:

The search for your well-being!

an esoteric path involves the need for “dangerous” situations, suitable only for an audience with a strong stomach, right?


you will discover how a lot of information is essentially wrong, the result of superstition or worse copied from some 80’s movie.

you’ll find out what you really need to do to “attract” quality information.

…”the reason why” it’s important to understand how your mind works…

Turning your greatest “tool,” into your greatest ally!

And much...much more!

Templum Dianae

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