Alternative Names
Anglo-Saxon: Woden, Voden, Vodan
Norse: Odin
Old English: Woden, Weden

The blank rune is of modern origin and has no traditional value or significance. Because it is blank, it is not really a rune at all.

It’s invention is usually ascribed to Ralph Blum, 1980s author of “The Book of Runes” a somewhat inaccurate and very personal view of Runemal. But there is documentary evidence that the blank was used for divination as early as the 16th century.

I do not use the blank rune myself preferring the traditional method, but it is included here (and as a spare in my rune sets) for those who are interested. It is usually taken to represent Odin, the high god of the Northern Tradition and god of Rune Magic. The associations given here are applicable to Odin – so for those who want to use it – I have arbitrarily ascribed them to the Blank Rune.

Fate. The will of the gods.

The end or the beginning. Death or birth. The appearance of The Blank Rune would I suppose signify that in this aspect, Fate has taken control and you have none.

The death or birth indications should be taken as symbolic rather than actual and would I suppose refer to any aspect of your life – such as work, romance, business or wealth.

Must be based on the adjacent Runes in the cast.

Reverse and Converse
The Blank Rune has no reverse or converse.

Runic Number




Associated gods
Odin – obviously!

Astrological Correspondence

Tarot Correspondence
The Emperor (possibly)

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